• Large Construction

    Ensure a timely completion and a stunning unveiling.

  • Industrial

    The best solution for containment. Avoid hazardous runoff or dust contamination while work is completed.

  • Marine

    Protect your asset from weather while increasing value

  • Remedial / Leaky Buildings

    The best covering to ensure weather protection. Partial or full encapsulation.

Encapsulate with Shrink Wrap and finish on time

A1 Wrap are the Tauranga shrink wrap specialists, servicing the entire Bay of Plenty. We can take care of any project that requires Scaffolding and shrink wrap. If you are under time pressure or need protecting from the elements while work is completed, then shrink wrap is your best option for weather protection. We can complete a full or partial encapsulation, and our shrink wrap company is one of the most reputable in New Zealand!

Specialising in remedial or leaky buildings, large construction, marine works, and industrial sites; our team have all the safety qualifications and skills to ensure your project is finished without compromise.

Save on the cost of tarpaulins:
Tarpaulins are a great short term solution to weather protection, but over time, can get expensive.
Have a look at our comparisons charts here.

Need tools or labour?
A1 Wrap also has a Hire Plant. We have a large range of Hilti power tools, plumbed toilets, mobile scaffold and are fully certified to test and tag all your tools to ensure maximum safety for your team. 

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 How A1 Wrap will get the best results for you

Our shrink wrap specialists in Tauranga work with the scaffold team to ensure the best design for specific locations.
This relationship allows extensive protection from penetrations on the wrap and ensures longevity through severe weather.
Most commercial projects are up for 6 to 9 months, but some are up for up to 3 years. Nothing beats the versatility of Shrink Wrap.

You can opt for our maintenance plan:
If your project is in a coastal or high wind zone, or just across lengthy period, we recommend our maintenance plan which allows us to regularly and consistently check on the vulnerable points of the wrap. 
We can then eliminate leaks, penetrations, or run off problems without hesitation. Maintenance plans are designed and priced according to individual projects.  

Contact A1 Wrap Today

If you are looking for a shrink wrap company who can efficiently handle a range of commercial and industrial projects, contact us today or call 0800 4 A1 WRAP.
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